10 Spring Must-Haves

It’s that time of the year. Mud, also known as spring. Here in Canada these months can be filled with snow, rain, sun, hot and cold, all in one week. Although you may get a few warm days filled with fetch and ponds, it can also mean cold and mud. What are some must have for this season?

Here are 10 that I think may help you cope with the changing seasons, in no particular order.

  1. Mudbuster. It is the newest craze. If you do not want to bathe your dog, you do not want to have a bowl of water by the door or just want to avoid muddy floors, many have turned to the Mudbuster. Essentially it is a container with a lid that you fill with water and rubber spike bits on the inside do the touching and removing of dirt and muck. Some say it’s useless and just a gimmick, others swear by it. You be the judge.


  1. Dog wipes and/or shampoos. Yes, even dry shampoos exist for these spring time muddy moments. Whether you need a quick rub down with a wipe or a full-on bath, you may need these items a bit more than any other season.


 3. Biothane or Vegan Leather leash and collar. Biothane is a trademarked material, but essentially it is a rubber like material that repels water, muck, and bacteria and can be easily cleaned and wiped making it the perfect rainy and muddy walking companion.


  1. Raincoats. Although your pooch may not enjoy wearing rain gear, it may just be the best compromise to bath time. For those dogs who hate the tub and the humans who hate the time and energy it takes to bathe your dog after each walk, a raincoat maybe a lifesaver. There are the basic raincoats that just cover the top of the body, there are ones which cover the belly a bit more and then there are the full-on suits that cover legs and entire underbelly, which if we are honest are the main areas that get mucky. Dogs that are low to the ground or have lots of fur could benefit from this type of heavy duty rain gear. Whatever style or colour you may choose; rainy spring days should have a raincoat for your dog.



  1. If you have a car, backseat covers are a lifesaver…or car saver really. If you have a bike, a bike basket with washable, removable material is also a great addition. This way you both go on adventures without bringing the outside back home.


  1. For those who want to enjoy the glimpses of great weather in the spring time, why not take a carrier or backpack with you? Some pets may have forgotten how to go for longer distances since the pandemic and prefer to take rests or stop all together. Not only are these great to carry your own things, they are also a great backup for those tired pooches.

 Messenger Bag 

 Canvas Bag: 

  1. Although most of us are in daylight savings mode, you may want to extend the lovely days with play time. Outdoor play is more fun with toys and if it is warm and you still want to stay out, why not have some glow-in-the-dark balls to take with you.


  1. I cannot make recommendations on this one, just that you should definitely make sure to see your vet about Tick and Flea medication during the spring season. Although some stores may sell these products, please do your due diligence as not all flea meds are the same, whether more toxic or just useless, the best is always to consult your vet. What you can buy however, is a key ring that has a tick remover at the end, just in case your pooch brings home those unwanted visitors

9. Nicer temperatures mean more time outdoors. Whether a balcony, a backyard or a public park, you can get started prepping for those dog days outside. An outdoor bed, a waterproof blanket, collapsible bowls or just a dedicated outside water bowl, your dog will appreciate all of this. Having durable and weather resistant bedding and water bowl set up is a good start!



  1. When it is too yucky to go outside, you need to still stimulate and exercise your dog, or you’ll be sorry come zoom meetings or your own personal time. Puzzles are a great way to stimulate the mind which can be just as exhausting for a pet as physical exercise. There are various levels of difficulties and don’t be embarrassed, Charley was a level 1 puzzle user. I wouldn’t say he was on the dumber side, just not interested enough to go for higher levels, perhaps not as eager as others. What level do you think your dog would be?



Hope this list helps you get started for the spring and make sure you make the most of your time with your beloved pooch! Woof.

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