Spring Time Home Decor with your Pet in Mind

Spring time is the perfect time for new beginnings. What better way to spruce up your home than simple décor ideas that incorporate your pet.

Whether a pillow with a dog silhouette, a repurposed wooden elevated dog bowl, or even your dog’s own leash hanger, there are many cute ways to rejuvenate your doggy décor.  The beauty of creativity is that whether your aesthetic is minimalist, boho, or bright colours, there is something for everyone.

Here are 5 design ideas for a quick, versatile and purposeful way to spruce up your spring time doggy décor: 

  1. Leash Hanger for your dog. Make space for your pooch by the front door or hallway along with the rest of your family. Customize doggy’s leash hanger by adding a paw print wall decal, their name or have the hanger itself custom made by one of many local artisans. The ideas can be infinite. Social Media and Pinterest can guide you to whatever style your home represents
    1. Dog Bowl and matt. Now days dog bowls come in all different materials, colours and even styles. What better way to spruce up your home than by changing out a necessity such as a water bowl. Whether ceramic, stainless steel or copper there are a lot from which to choose. You can even incorporate a matt to add that extra element of style. Spring for a new bowl for a quick way to switch up your style and incorporate doggy necessities into your décor.

      1. Decorative Pillows. Throw pillows are another quick way to spruce up any room. Whether on the sofa, the bed or on a comfy chair, a cute pillow can bring your room from drab to springtime happy. Why not get a throw pillow with your dog’s face on it, a dog related quote, or a silhouette of your dog’s breed perhaps?

        1. Wall Art. Did you have posters of quotes on your wall as a teenager or college student, why not take a page from your younger self and frame a cute dog or pet related quote? Simple graphics and posters in beautiful frames or shadowboxes can elevate and enhance your design aesthetic while also reminding you of your love of your pooch. It does not have to be a poster, there are doormats, a carved wooden block, vase or any number of décor items that can display the importance of your love of pets in your home.

          1. Dog Bed. The design, textures and colours of dog beds have come a long way. Whether a big puff of soft velvety pillow, a beautiful cooling matt or a fleece cocoon bed, whatever your pooch prefers you can now get in gorgeous designs. Finally, dog beds can enhance your doggy décor rather than sticks out like a sore thumb. Show your guests that the dog is part of the décor, your heart and family.

            I constantly switch out doggy related décor or move them about the house. Whether a frame of my dog Charley, a block that says ‘I Love My Dog’, a mug or pillow, every season can be a new beginning and new way to show our love of our animals.

            Pinterest is a great place to start gathering ideas, which then can lead you to Etsy, a wonderful place to see some creative designers selling their wares. Instagram is also a wonderful way to get to know your local artisans creating various dog related décor items. To get you started, here are some Instagram accounts to follow for ideas and products:  

            -CR8-C Designs: Handmade custom wood pet accessories (St.Catherines, ON)

            -Sunday Funday Custom Creations: custom goods (Edmonton, AB)

            -Repawpused For Pups: handcrafted things canine (Guelph, ON)

            -Handley Acres Metal Creations- Metal artisan creating with repurposed steel (Ontario)

            In addition, For Charley Pet Boutique has also enlisted Aja to allow us to sell her beautiful sustainably handmade pillows. Her company Ecarlate carries all kinds of designs to spruce up any room. Do you have great ideas? Creators and designers? Want to show off your own decor? Feel free to share with us on our social media or in the comments below. Happy decorating! Woof.

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