Summer Must-Haves

Summer is upon us! It is important to keep your pet safe and cool whether at home or going for that lovely evening stroll. Here are some must-have gadgets that can help both you and your beloved pet enjoying this season.

  1. Portable Water Bottle/Collapsible cup

There are a bazillion types of portable water bottles and you will have to do some research to see which is the most convenient for you. I highly recommend investing in a good quality bottle to avoid spills, leaks, or breakage. If your dog is like Charley and refuses to drink from portable water containers, you may want to invest in a collapsible cup that you fasten to your bag or belt loop. Again, invest in a more durable silicone to prevent them from collapsing mid-drink. This way you can also share that bottle of water.

  1. Cooling Vest or Bandana

Most popular dog brands have their summer collection of cooling vests that you can use. They require you to regularly wet the vest since the hot sun will dry them out. If you do not want to put extra material on your pooch, perhaps a bandana will suffice.

  1. Cooling Pad

I had my doubts about this, but having seen them, they actually work! These beds are thin and touch/weight activated. They have micro beads in them which does not require you to refrigerate them or add water. They keep your dog a few degrees cooler. 

  1. Floating Toys

If you head to the beach or are lucky to have your own pool, it is always more fun with toys. There are many floating balls and toys to keep your dog entertained. Kong, of course, and Chuck-Its are often prepared with many engaging water toys.

  1. Foot Wear

Not all dogs will need this or will be willing to wear these. There are many brands however that offer summer versions of their neoprene Velcro booties. Look for breathable light weight booties such as the one Canada Pooch offers. They are ideal for city walks on hot pavement or rugged hikes that involve going into water (have small holes for water drainage). 

  1. Summer Treats

You can buy dog ice cream, dog pupsicles or you can even make your own recipes. Putting goat milk in an ice cube tray for example, is a great at home recipe. Primal makes many flavours of goat milk that you can give your dog with the added benefits of probiotics too!

Bonus Must-Haves:

  • Dog Sunscreen. You have to be careful to buy ones that are clearly for dogs and is non-toxic. Make sure that you apply sparingly and to key sun burn areas. You can apply natural balms as well, to the nose and foot pads, if you just want small added protection and moisturizing.
  • Insect Repellant or Soothing balm. There are pet products on the market that help prevent some insect bites as well as soothing balms and gels if they do get bitten. Always read ingredients and if needed, consult your vet.
  • Tick remover. Ticks are in full force this summer, be prepared to remove any that may find their way to your dog.
  • Information tags. Summer fireworks scare dogs, cottages and fields are great for roaming. Prevent your dog from taking off or go missing with always having your information and their name on a tag on their collar. 

As well, don’t forget to never leave dogs unattended in the car during hot summer days and that they get plenty of water throughout the day.

Now, get out there and have fun while summer is here!

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